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E-Brochure Design

All your brochures electronicaly availible in PDF or Micro-Site format

An E-Brochure can be a stand-alone electronic file with a beautiful brochure describing and presenting your products, you can e-Mail this file to potential clients, and they can see your catalog. Data2save can Design and Save your e-Brochure as a PDF file.

However, once you send a pdf file to a customer you lose track of the file, you do not know if the customer copied the file or forwarded it to a colleague or worse to your competition. If you want to stay in control and know if your brochure is read, have Data2save create for you a Brochure Site or "micro-site." here you have full analytics available, and you can make an interactive brochure. You can also have"Call to Action" items like forms or buttons. E-Brochures in the form of a Micro-Site is the way to go. You can also integrate the Brochure site in your Social Media accounts.

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