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a Real Live Tweet!

Jen, from our Social media team, was visiting customers in Austin Texas this week. She was on her way to a WHIR event on 6th street for Webhosting and Cloud Professionals, when she dropped in at the UT Tavern to meet someone that she feels is an old friend….  Well, she has never actually met James, but since she has been chatting with him on Twitter, he is her Twitter “friend”.Our Social media team enjoys bantering with all our Twitter “friends”. James, has been following Data2save for a long time and we always enjoy his viewpoint on Soccer. He works at the Cactus Cafe & Bar. It is one of Austin’s favorite UT acoustic musician hangouts. Jen, decided to pay James a visit, unfortunately, he was not working that day. She had to return to Houston, so she left a message for him on the chalk board. James explained it in his précis, reply tweet today, making us smile:


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February 15, 2014
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