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Data2Save hosted a Luncheon at the office of the USA Consulate General, for Engineering Managers.

The U.S. Commercial Service in Sandton, South Africa, featured Data2Save at the event as a "Business Service Provider." With great potential value for food and drink processing companies in SA.”, Companies like Pepsi and Q-Source, expressed interest in Data2Save.

Jim Mcarth is a Senior Commercial Officer at the US Embassy, and he was amazed to see our demo of Agility, because he thought that their firewall would block Agility. We were happy to prove that Agility can be accessed from any internet connection. Even at the Consulate!

Several invitees from smaller companies are pleased that they pay for Agility on a Month to Month basis but receive Enterprise class services, without paying out any capital expenditure. Agility is a pay as you go service, similar to their cell phone payments.

November 15, 2011
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