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Introducing Data2save eMail Service

Don’t send your private emails from an email address with your name and a number, it’s not necessary to rely on services that are not always perceived as trustworthy by the recipient. You can send your emails from your own, secure family domain and it will look much better, be easier to manage and will always belong to you.  We can help you choose your last name or business name to create a recognizable domain name.

As a start up small business or even if you have been in business for years, sending your emails from Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook does not show that you are professional.

For this reason, Data2save developed 3 eMail plans to provide you with a professional email address with affordable prices. starting as low as $0.047 per email account per day or $17 per year. Select the plan you need, below and add additional storage or extra email accounts when you check out.

Each Email address comes with 5GB Storage and a Calendar and Address book. You can access your email through our webmail interface or use IMAP or POP to receive your email on your Phone, Tablet or PC

For more details or Sign up go to here or call toll free 844-565-2124

July 17, 2018
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