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All in Website Package Essential For one monthly fee you will have the best presence on the internet, plus a CMS, 3 users, 10 E-mail addresses with Webmail and email on your Phone and PC/Mac and CDN for fast content delivery. This All in Website essential package is for businesses seeking to get serious about their presence on the web and do want to start using a CMS, and Email. We create a custom design with components to fit your business needs online.

The Monthly Fee includes: Design, Hosting, Domain Name, DNS Service, SEO/Online Marketing, Website Analytics, Website Monitoring, Website Maintenance and Updates, Facebook Company Page Setup, CMS, 10 Email Addresses, 3 users, Email Marketing 10,000 newsletter / Month

Website Subscription The minimum duration of the website subscription is 2 years. All the subscriptions are Auto-Renewal. To cancel your subscription you need to write an email to at least 60 days before your subscription ends. Only the Account holder can cancel subscriptions.

What is SSL? SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a standard technology for establishing an encrypted connection between a web server (host) and a web browser (client). This connection between the two makes sure that all the data passed between them remain private and intrinsic. SSL is an industry standard and is used by millions of websites to protect their online transactions with their customers. If you have ever visited a website using the https:// in the address bar you were creating a secure connection via SSL. If you have an e-commerce shop or sell items via your website, SSL helps in establishing trust with your customers.

SSL and ranking in Search Engines In 2015, Google stated that their HTTPS ranking boost may serve as a tiebreaker if the quality signals for two different search results are equal in everything else. Meaning, if your website is equal to your competitor’s website in terms of speed, title tags, content freshness, etc. but your competitor’s website is HTTPS and yours isn’t, Google will most likely rank theirs ahead of yours.

Photography Add-Ons

Data2save can help you with Product Photography, Headshots (also for your social Profile), and Office Photography. Click here for details


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Essential Plan + SSL Certificate Monthly Subscription
$165 + $10 / Month
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