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A good designed and executed E-Mail marketing Campaign reminds Customers and Potential customers to visit your website and gives them a reason to do so. Customer retention and relationship building should be the goal of each email campaign. When it becomes the time your customer is about to make a purchase, your company should be at the forefront of your Customers mind. Data2save can help you to get and stay with your brand in the head of your customers. With our email marketing plans, we offer you an affordable solution to keep your audience informed through emails. Our programs provide unlimited subscriber lists sizes, and our plans are based on the actual emails you are sending out on a monthly basis. So if you have a few thousand contacts, but you do only send a few times a year an email, you do not have to pay a high monthly fee because of your list size, you pay for the number of emails you have sent.

Each Plan comes with our Email Builder, with this tool you can design your email templates, so your emails look very professional. All our plans have automatically Custom Branding. You can specify subscribers list and each list you can divide into segments based on your own needs. We provide you with custom fields to store your specific type of information. These custom fields you can use for segmentation.

You can schedule your emails, and we have an autoresponder option for drip marketing. Our email marking plans also come with extensive reporting options.


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