Pre-Paid IT Support and Service Hours

For those customers who are not a part of one of Data2save's managed IT Services, we are offering now Pre-Paid IT Support and Service hours. Regular Support and Service hours cost you $135 per hour. With our Pre-Paid IT Support and Service Hours, you can buy 5, 10 or 25 hours in advance for a reduced price. The hours stay valid for 12 months after the day you bought them. And if you add additional hours before the 12 months end, all your remaining, support and service hours are valid again for another 12 months.

You can choose one of the three options, check out and pay with your credit card and you are good to go for 12 months. Make sure you buy your Pre-Paid It Support and Service Hours before your consultant shows up in your office.

Normal Cost
Pre-Paid Cost
5 hours
5 x $135 = $675
5 x $110 = $550
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10 hours
10 x $135 = $1,350
10x $95 = $950
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25 hours
25 x $135 = $3,375
25 x $85 = $2,125
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