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Data2save introduces GEO Locations

Data2save Customers are all over the world and are working in multiple locations around the world. To make sure that our users always have the most optimized up- and download speed available, Data2save introduces

GEO Storage.  With GEO storage enabled our customers Agility Data is always available in the region where the customer logins in to Agility. We divided the world in 3 major regions:

  • Americas
  • Europe, Middle-east and Africa
  • Asia

When a customer is located in New York, files will be uploaded in the Americas region into a Datacenter close to New York. With GEO Storage enabled, within seconds the data and files are distributed to Datacenters in the other 2 regions. So When a colleague in Shanghai, needs to download the document (upload in New York) the document will then be downloaded from a datacenter in the Asia Region close to Shanghai. This ensures that data and documents are downloaded as fast as possible and high latencies are a issue from the past.

For more information contact your account manger or contact our sales department at sales@data2save.com or call 800-616-4461 option 1

September 15, 2012
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