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Data2save makes file up and download much faster

Product News

The latest version of Data2save Agility includes the new file transfer functionality. This new File transfer functionality is a new development by Data2save to improve functionality for Agility. the new file transfer results in:        -  Much shorter up and download times       -  Multiple simultaneous up and download sessions       -  Agility can be used for other functions during up and downloads

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June 15, 2012

Webmail, refreshed

With improved workflows and a modern, mobile-responsive interface, our new Webmail makes it easier to send emails, manage contacts, organize important events, and more.

Agility 365 to keep your Office safe and Secure

Agility 365 for Office 365 offers MultiLayer Protection for our customers

Your Complete Office in the Cloud

Access all your Office tools, Email, Conferencing tools etc. from virtually anywhere you want.

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