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Your Complete Office in the Cloud

Imagine this: You can work from where ever you are, You have access to all your files and Business Applications, You have Enterprise Class Email, HD Video Conferencing, Always the latest software and Apps for your mobile phone and tablet, Live Collaboration with your coworkers. And much more.

You can stop imagining this; this is the reality for millions of workers around the world, they use Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Agility 365.  

Office 365 is your complete office in a cloud hosted by Microsoft.  From multipoint video conferencing and instant messaging to file sharing and business-class email, Office 365 provides a foundation of tools and features that will modernize any business!

Office 365 is all about bringing enterprise-grade services to organizations of all sizes, from HD video-conferencing to sharing documents to business-class email. Per-user licensing means customers can download and use Office on their favorite devices (online or off), while IT administrators keep control over the organization’s workloads from a single, easy to use administrator portal. Ultimately, Office 365 delivers tremendous value in one affordable subscription.

By providing virtually anywhere access to familiar Office tools, plus enterprise-grade email, conferencing, and more IT services,

Office 365 has many features that are guaranteed to impress:

More power. Customers can work from virtually anywhere using the Office applications they trust across their favorite devices. Some of these devices include PCs, Macs, and other select mobile devices.  

Email and calendars on the go. Office 365 is keeping everyone in sync with enterprise-grade email and shared calendars they can access at their desk or on the run.

Conferencing. Connect immediately or set up and host online meetings with multi-party HD video conferencing, real-time note taking, and screen sharing. All of the features you could ever want or need are right there for you to access during conferencing.

File sharing. Collaborate with teammates, partners, and customer with documents that are always up to date and accessible from almost anywhere.

Consumers can stay productive and never miss a meeting, even when they are on the go. Access, edit, and view Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents on iPhone's, and Windows Phones. Office 365 has indeed made it possible for their customers to become more dynamic in their businesses. By extending their capabilities, Office 365 is allowing more access anywhere where their customers are and allowing consumers to stay connected and invested in their everyday lives.

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April 9, 2018
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