Websites Re-design

If your website is not working for you? Data2save can redesign your website. Your website is an extension of your company and is the first thing most of your customer will about your company. You can start the redesign process by choosing one of our website plans

Website Plans:

We have three website plans:

  1. Traditional (This is the Traditional  Website delivery: Design, Hosting, Maintenance, Everything is included to make this possible .)
  2. Essential (This is everything from the Traditional Delivery PLUS: CMS, Email and CDN, this is the Essential Package for businesses)
  3. Professional (This is everything from Traditional and Essential PLUS: eCommerce and Global CDN)

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$125 / Month
Website Design
Domain Name, Hosting and DNS
Basic SEO / Online Marketing
24/7 Website Monitoring
Maintenance and Minor Updates


$165 / Month
Everything From Traditional Plus:
CMS (2,000 items) 3 users
10 E-mail Addresses
CDN for fast content delivery
10,000 Newsletter / Month
100,000 Visitors / Month


$195 / Month
Everything From Essential Plus:
CMS (10,000 items) 10 Users
Advanced Forms
Global CDN
15,000 Newsletter / Month
1,000,000 Visitors / Month

What is included:

All our Websites plans include the Traditional services to make a website working. All our plans are All-in, where you pay a low monthly fee and everything is included. If you want something special, please call our Sales department +1 800-616-4461

All Plans


Data2save will custom design your website, working with you to match your company's colors, fonts and logo. 5 design and content iterations are included in the package


Your website hosting is included in this package

Domain Name:

We can either use your own domain name or we will register a domain name for you, this is included in the package.

DNS Service:

The DNS service is very important it connects your domain name with the various servers where your website is hosted. We will include our DNS Service in the plan

Online Marketing and SEO:

Our engineers perform basic SEO and will submit your website and all the pages to the search-engines and they will keep monitoring the results and optimizing your websites to ensure a high ranking of your website in the search engines

Website Analytics:

We use our own propitiatory server based Analytics and Google Analytics to see the performance of your website.

Website Monitoring:

We will monitor your website 24/7 365 days a year to ensure that your visitors always have the best possible experience.

Website Maintenance and Updates:

Our engineers make sure that your website always performs the best. We will update your website if needed when new browser version are released. and when you have a minor update for your website we will make sure this is on-line as soon as you give use the changes

Facebook Company Page Setup:

Social media is very important in the total picture of your on-line presence. Our engineers will create a Company Facebook page in the same style as your website.


SSL Certificate:

We will enable SSL for your website, so visitors will have a secure connection with your website. Also Google, will rank your page higher when you use SSL.

Advanced Forms

If need need your customers to upload files with the forms, we offer the advanced forms option. Unlimited file upload with th e forms and integration with many other systems like CRM, cloud storage etc.